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Bando Straordinario Emergenza Covid-19 di ARTES 4.0

Graduatoria definitiva

Final Ranking

The ranking of the subjects admitted to the funding of the Extraordinary Emergency Call for COVID-19-2020 is online

Esito Bando Straordinario e ammissione Fase di Negoziazione

Outcome of the Extraordinary Call and admission to the Negotiation Phase

The list of Companies admitted to the Negotiation Phase is online

Il Bando Straordinario Emergenza Covid-19 di ARTES 4.0

ARTES 4.0 Extraordinary Covid-19-Emergency Call

It finances industrial research and experimental development projects that exploit 4.0 technologies to face the COVID-19 pandemic and in general for the fight against infectious diseases, with the aim of limiting the short and long-term social and economic effects on all both public and productive sectors. Submission deadline: April 19, 2020

STMicroelectronics e IIT supportano i Bando

STMicroelectronics and IIT support the Call

IIT too, together with STMicroelectronics, supports ARTES 4.0 Extraordinary Call by making available 50,000 euros of in-kind contributions through technical and application support to the projects