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4.0 tailor-made training for you!

The training catalogue is dedicated to companies that want to enable Industry 4.0 innovation.

ARTES 4.0 is the protagonist in promoting and disseminating the skills necessary for digital transformation through training in all its facets. We support companies in strengthening their skills through classroom lectures and e-learning.

We provide demo production lines and real applications in our laboratories for training purposes.

Starting from the needs expressed by the Companies, ARTES 4.0 offers structured and specialized courses in connected enabling digital technologies. Our network is made of universities and research bodies, companies, foundations and associated digital hubs that provide knowledge, skills and abilities from very different sectors and realities.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary know-how in the Industry 4.0, ARTES 4.0 has organized the training assets in two sections: pre-arranged training courses and customizable ones.

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The catalogue consists of training courses related to enabling technologies, the basis to the development of Industry 4.0. ARTES4.0 has collected the training offer by selecting content with basic, intermediate and advanced levels of specialization, made available by all public and private partners, guaranteeing certified quality and specialization.


Tailor-made training allows you to customize the training path based on specific needs. It is very easy to work together and to select modules to compose them per the specific requirements of your business needs.