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ARTES 4.0 supports innovation through cutting-edge expertise and technology in topic areas of strategic importance for Industry 4.0, targeting SMEs in particular.

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test before invest

Test before Invest

ARTES 4.0 provides its physical locations and equipment, real and virtual demonstration spaces, laboratories, and production lines.

Support for industrial research

Support for the development of innovative research projects from prototyping to product.


Direct support and implementation of prototypes and demos to verify the feasibility of a product or service, system, solution, or process.

Testing and Validation

Implementation of platforms for analysis and testing of prototypes or new products. Validation by appropriate methodologies and ad-hoc instrumentation.

Access to infrastructure and technology platforms

to implement/test/validate new products or technology solutions with a view to future investment.


Technical Audit

Assess your company’s level of technological maturity with respect to your target market and digital transformation processes. Our consultants are available to take you through technological due diligence aimed at identifying and improving your company’s level of innovativeness and competitiveness.

Digital maturity assessment Industry 4.0 strategy



The ARTES 4.0 Team supports you in designing training plans defined on your needs.

Catalog training on technology and management

Sessions and trainings on specific application aspects of technologies and management approaches in Industry 4.0.

Train the trainers

Training programs dedicated to preparing new trainers, providing both teaching skills and notions related to new technologies and methodologies on the market.

Webinars, workshops and seminars

Creation of events held by experts from academia and/or executives from partner companies aimed at popularizing technologies for digital transformation and business process reorganization.

Customized training

Ad-hoc design and development of training paths based on the specific needs of companies.


Access to funding

Analyze with the ARTES 4.0 Team the most attractive opportunities to access financing and the risks associated with your business project, investment opportunities and the possibility and advantages of attracting new investors (Venture Capitalists, Banks, Funds).

Support for participation in calls for proposals and access to European funding

Mapping, monitoring, and identification of measures by economic allocation, strategic objective, aid intensity, and type of facility

Project Management

Financial reporting activities in line with the contractual, administrative and financial requirements of the calls. Support for financial reporting, submission of reports, management of contacts with funding agencies, consistency check on financial activities.

Support in accessing public and private funding

Support in defining the project idea, forming the consortium, drafting the technical annex and submitting the project proposal.


Intellectual Property

Patent consulting

Support in defining the state of the art, economic exploitation and submission of a patent (Italian or European).

Technology scouting

Identification of the most suitable technologies and partners to develop a product or process, depending on industry technology trends.

Dissemination of entrepreneurial culture related to Open Innovation

Creating brokerage events to facilitate networking and matching technology supply and demand.

Science and technology dissemination

Organization of dissemination events, publication of articles, dissemination webinars on research results. Digital Open Innovation Organization, management and implementation of workshops for the popularization of Open Innovation.


Networking and outreach

Thanks to its specialized network, ARTES 4.0 has the right solution for your every need in the field of innovation 4.0 and can direct your offering to the right market to enhance it.

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