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To search for information and skills of ARTES 4.0 MEMBERS use the following Form and search by Name, Region, Enabling Technology 4.0, or use the free text search by typing the keyword of your interest.

ARTES 4.0 Members are divided into Founding Members (including Universities, National Bodies, Companies and Foundations), Ordinary Members, Supporters and Affiliates.

The 114 private shareholders of ARTES 4.0 represent a total turnover of over 45 billion Euros, equal to approximately 3% of the Italian GDP, through the participation of 17 large companies, to which one must add Companies associated to participating incubators and accelerators.

In addition, the presence of 10 Medium-sized Enterprises, 32 Small Enterprises, 35 Micro Enterprises and 17 Foundations / Third Sector Entities / Companies and Non-profit Bodies guarantees a high level of offering of ARTES 4.0 skills.

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ARTES 4.0 Figures


Italian Regions involved

45 Billion

Total Revenues by Partner Companies


Government Owned & Private Partners

1066 Million

Funding in € by Ministry of Economic Development


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